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The John Taylor House

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The John Taylor House, as a boarding home for men operated by John Taylor House II Inc., a nonprofit organization, provides an affordable independent living center for men. We seek to serve as an escape from the grip of homelessness, allowing individuals the opportunity to create and maintain stable lives. We work closely with Valley Mental Health, Adult Probation & Parole, and the Veterans Administration to specialize in providing viable housing options for mental health patients, corrections referrals, and veterans.

Our accommodations, including private and semi-private rooms, complete bathroom facilities on each of our four floors, a living room accented with a 50" color stereo television and plush furniture, free access to a good laundry facility, and a central Salt Lake City location, provide a comfortable and convenient environment for temporary, short-term stays or long-term residency.

Our amenities, including three complete, home-cooked meals every day, free and unlimited local and toll-free telephone calls, cable television hookups in every room, 24-hour on-site management, and a caring staff, add those special touches that make The John Taylor House a home for many.

The John Taylor House accommodates individuals in need of a temporary place to "hang their hats" as well as those with special needs requiring long-term residency. We maintain a fundamentally amicable atmosphere where residents can feel insulated from the turmoil of the outside world.

The John Taylor House does not receive government grants or other funds. Financial support comes from resident rents and tax-deductible donations of cash and merchandise.

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