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The John Taylor House

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The John Taylor House Life Styles 2007 - A Program For Better Living

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The John Taylor House Life Styles is a program we initiated to give our residents a variety of ways to improve and balance their lives. We specialize in providing housing to clients of Valley Mental Health and the Veterans Administration, as well as probationers and parolees supervised by Adult Probation & Parole. Many men coming from these agencies are burdened with addictions to alcohol, illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals, and food (overeating), as well as dysfunctional personality disorders and unbalanced mental processes. This program seeks to give our residents multiple approaches to improving the physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial areas of their lives, including:

Young Living Essential Oils
If you enroll in Young Living, please join under The John Taylor House member # 601193 so we can receive the benefits from your enrollment. Thank you!
Spring Forest Qigong
The Sedona Method
Japa and Other Forms of Meditation
Body For Life
"Think and Grow Rich" Philosophy
Weight Watchers
Other Products and Modalities

The John Taylor House is in the process of developing a new Board of Advisors to supervise this much needed effort, which will operate in conjunction with a participantís physician. This board will develop and oversee this new program.

Sponsors Needed Now!

We need sponsors to help our residents with the financial investment necessary so they can afford various foods and nutritional products to make the changes so necessary in their lives. If you would like to become a valued Life Styles sponsor, please contact Managing Trustee Lon Scow at (801) 322-4830 or (801) 560-1476.

All contributions and donations are tax-deductible,
as John Taylor House II Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

We Thank You For Your Support!

All elements of The John Taylor House Life Styles are optional protocols for our residents. Everyone is unique and needs a taylor-made program designed specifically for them. Each resident who is using pharmaceuticals must never stop taking his prescribed medications without his doctor's consent. In all circumstances, we consult with our residents to arrange an individual protocol and plan. We always recommend that residents consult the appropriate professional(s) before changing diet, taking on increased exercise, etc.

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